Sunday, March 05, 2006

aino irene sofia 3/15/1922 - 11/3/2005

my grandmother died on thursday, november 3rd. the day before she had developed a fever secondary to a urinary tract infection, and the end came very quickly, 24 hours later. the day that she died, i got a call from my aunt who was vacationing in cyprus. she said that the health care center had just contacted her, telling her that her mother was doing very poorly. luckily i was still in school, which is located less than a mile from the health care center. i rushed to be by her side, and called my father who said he would leave right away. when i arrived, she was breathing very heavily. a nurse was standing beside her bed and was just about to give her a shot of morphin. the end came so quickly that 45 minutes from my arriving she was gone. my father got to spend the last fifteen minutes with her. her breathing just got slower and slower. a nurse was wiping the inside of her mouth with a moistened q-tip, trying to prevent her mouth from drying. when she did this, my grandmother yawned a few times, like a little kitten. soon after that, she took her last breath of air. we kept waiting for her to breath again but she never did. i grabbed her wrist to feel if she still had a pulse. i only felt a rapid flicker and then it disappeared totally just a second or two later. she was gone. my parents left pretty soon after her death. i stayed behind a while longer. i just sat beside her body, held her hand. then i pulled the sheet over her face and left.

it's hard to describe the feelings i have been going through. i am relieved of course, that she's not suffering any longer. she had become so frail, so very tiny. she didn't need that horrible disease that brushed her whole self away. i remember her a strong woman. she had great sense of humour. she never feared work. i wish she could have got to know my son. when she met my then 7 month old baby boy for the first time, her eyes got teary. she recognized me, saw that i had become a mother. and she was happy for me. proud of me. that means so much to me now. i dread public speaking. dread it. but i gave a short eulogy at her funeral, and it was surprisingly easy. i'm so glad i did it.


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